National Parent & Youth Forum

Rev Joycelyn, visionary of SFM, founded and launched the National Parents and Youth Open Forum in order to educate the community about youth culture and the rise in having a ‘gang family’. This is having a destructive impact on not only the young people, but also their families because the loss of lives is increasing at an alarming rate across the nation.

The gang culture is affecting our young people more than ever before, and we must intervene at every level to keep our future generations alive. The National Parents and Youths Open Forum is an event to create awareness about the ‘gang family’ and understand youth culture. The project is making great impact in the local community. According to the feedback received from the open forums, 80% of families who attended felt that they would now be able to protect and safeguard their children.

Rev Joycelyn is incredibly passionate about running this event in order to educate parents, and to encourage the youth to avoid joining gangs to reduce the death rate of our young people. She also wants to educate parents about signs to look out for and how to protect and safeguard their children by highlighting issues that our young people are facing in the City of London today. She believes that the government can’t do it all, and neither can parents. But together, we can make a difference. We may not be able to stop the gangs and the killings, but we can minimize it and save the future generation.

Rev Joycelyn working along with professionals, looking to find ways of fighting the growing epidemic of youth crime and reduce the death rate of our young people. Rev Joycelyn belief that the community at large can work together to end this violence.

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