Meet Rev Joycelyn


Rev Joycelyn is a unique woman of God who has a passion for the Gospel and of helping the needy. She is the General Overseer of Shepherd Fold Ministry in London and has a dynamic ministry of teaching and deliverance which has a powerful impact. Rev Joycelyn is passionate about helping the community. She is currently the founder of a community initiative program which is working hard to reduce knife and gun crime among the young people by educating the community.


Rev Joycelyn holds a degree in Theology and a BSc (Hons) Business Management and Information Technology. She is the author of many powerful and inspirational books; including Persistence Has Great Gain, The Announcer of Destiny, Covenant of Marriage, He Has Spoken, Christianity is a Kingdom and I Refused to Quit prayer book. (Please Visit Resources)


Rev Joycelyn travels to Ghana once a year to preach and teach, visit orphanages, psychiatric hospitals and rural areas to distribute used items. She has a true passion for helping and developing people and finds fulfilment in seeing lives transformed.

God is using her both nationally and internationally.


If you would like to book Rev. Joycelyn to come to your Church or congregation to speak and teach His Word, then please send your invitation to