Covid-19 Support

Nobody could foresee the virus that would massively change society and how we live. However, this did not stop us from supporting the community and our church members. First and foremost, focused on the well being of our members, we provided financial support to those who were unable to work due to covid-19 restrictions and had no other income. We provided a befriending service to make sure everyone had someone to talk to, supplied food parcel home delivery or pick-up and signposted other food banks and access support service available to anyone in need.

We also provided sleeping bags and winter jackets for the homeless during the lockdown. The volunteers were making calls to check on the elderly and vulnerable people in the group. We made sure that information, resources and services were available to offer to people who will call for assistance. With help still available, don’t hesitate to contact Rev Joycelyn if you find yourself in need.